Saturday, December 8, 2012

When Kindness plus Honesty Goes Terribly Wrong

We are raised to find kind things to say about people.  We also know that we should strive to be honest.  These two traits do not always go together.

I have had several instances this past week in which very nice, polite people were either trying to compliment me or behave empathetically toward me, and well, the result was like, “Oh… heh heh, how awesome.”  Then I proceeded to plan out which food would properly drown out my feelings for the evening.

For instance, I was leaving the house to see some friends of mine, and I was feeling little sassy.  Nothing big… but I took the extra time to straighten my hair, put on a little mascara and lipstick, added a cute necklace and selection from my high-self-esteem shirts.  I was mostly feeling pretty good that evening. 

But things were about to go terribly wrong, in the kindest possible way.
I blame the fact that I have gorgeous friends. >.>
The End.

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